Yellow All Over

August in northwest Louisiana.  It is hot!  But at least this summer is pretty typical.  Now last summer was brutally hot.  The central U.S. is getting it this summer.  For those who enjoy the outdoors, fall sports are getting started and lots of folks are daydreaming about the upcoming deer season.
August is also a good time for nature photography if you don’t mind getting up early and sticking with it before the morning temperatures get too hot.  Now is the time to be looking for fall migratory birds starting to pass through.  Although they won’t be seen in large numbers, there are over a dozen warbler species you might encounter, depending on the habitat.  A few sparrow species are starting to show up too.  Lots of herons and egrets are around.  Shorebirds are arriving now too.
Here’s one warbler species I’ve been seeing the past few weekends.  This is a female Yellow Warbler.  They are a nice bright yellow and have little other distinguishing markings.  In fact, that is one way to identify them-they are pretty plain.  The males are very similar but have reddish streaks on their breasts.
This image was taken Sunday 5Aug12 at the Yate’s Tract of the Bayou Pierre Unit, Red River National Wildlife Refuge.  The unit is about 30 minutes south of Shreveport, LA.  I had been looking for shorebirds in the wide open moist soil impoundments.  There is a drainage ditch between the impoundments.  The ditch has a few small scrubby trees and plenty of weeds to provide cover for several bird species, including Yellow Warblers and Blue Grosbeaks.


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