Widow Dragon

Widow DragonWidow Dragon is the second of three dragonfly images included in the upcoming Magale library art exhibit at Centenary College at Louisiana.  The exhibit runs from June 1st, 2012 and continues throughout the summer months during regular library hours.  The exhibit is sponsored by the Friends of Red River National Wildlife, a non-profit friends group dedicated to supporting and promoting the Refuge.  All images in the exhibit are from the Refuge, including Headquarters Unit located at the end of Sunflower Road near the Jimmie Davis bridge, Bayou Pierre Unit located 30 minutes south of Shreveport off of Highway 1, and Lower Cane Unit below Natchitoches.
Widow Dragon is actually a female Widow Skimmer Dragonfly.  They may be found on any of the Refuge Units throughout the summer months.  The image here was taken in June 2011 at Headquarters Unit.  The skimmer family is quite large and includes pennants, pondhawks, corporals, meadowhawks and other species.  Widow Skimmers are identified by their wing pattern.  The large dark area is on both wings covering what is called the basal area or towards the base or body.
I like this image because Widow Skimmers are quite showy.  The dark green background has hints of vegetation, but is pleasantly blurred.  The stick on the lower left side would preferably not be there, but that was part of the image.  I suppose it could be cloned out in Photoshop, but that is not my style.  I use Lightroom to do basic adjustments to color, contrast, exposure etc, but that is about it.  Cropping can significantly affect the image appearance.  In the case of the dragonfly trilogy, they are meant to be the center of attention, so they are basically centered, or just slightly off center.  The exhibit image is a 12″ x 12″ square format print framed in a black shadow box with a black beveled edge similar to a mat.  The black edges and frame really bring out the dark wing colors and contrast nicely with the golden colored abdomen.


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