What did I do this time??

The adult Canada Goose gives junior dragging up the rear the evil eye as the whole family emerges from a short dip in the pond.  Wonder what junior did this time?  Maybe not paying attention, again?  Wandering off away from the group, again?  Survival to adulthood won’t be easy.  There are lots of predators out there just waiting to catch junior separated from the group.
This image was taken earlier this month in Baxter State Park in central Maine.  As I write this post, at 7:30 pm, the temperature in the small town of Millnocket near Baxter State Park is 66 degrees.  The current temperature near my house in northwest Louisiana is 98 degrees.  I’m ready to go back to Maine.
The trip was nice.  Temperatures were really nice.  Mid June proved to be a great time to visit.  I got several new life birds, saw lots of other wildlife and really enjoyed the scenery.  I’ll share some more pix from our trip in the upcoming days.


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