Vesper Sparrow

Vesper SparrowVesper Sparrows can be found in northwest Louisiana during the winter months.  This bird was photographed at Red River National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters Unit.  A Savannah Sparrow was on the same dead tree as this Vesper Sparrow.  Seems like Savannahs are plentiful, but not so with the Vesper.

Many sparrows tend to look alike [the proverbial LBJ (little brown jobs)].  Slowly, I’m starting to notice that while many sparrows have similar markings, there are distinguishing characteristics, such as the white eye-ring of the Vesper.  Photographing sparrows can be quite challenging.  They aren’t always perched on the end of a dead branch surrounded by an open field.  You might find them on the ground, in dense cover or feeding in tall grass.  Sometimes by themselves, or maybe with a small flock of the same species, or even in a mixed flock of several different bird species.

Next time you are out walking around during the cool weather, see how many different sparrows you might find.  They are not all always the same species.


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