SouthboundOccasionally in the fall, on a crisp cool northwest Louisiana night you might wake up to a sound that just isn’t normal.  You can hear something, but just can’t make out what all that racket is or where it’s coming from.  Finally you stick your head outside and still can’t quite figure out that noise.  Then it dawns on you.  Those are geese flying over.  Their loud honking sounds carry a long ways.  Even if you can’t see them, you know the geese are heading south.
Southbound is one such bird.  This image was taken in mid December 2011 at the Red River National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters Unit near Bossier City, Louisiana.  Granted, there is a small flock of feral geese that are occasionally heard and seen during the year around these parts.  But, during the winter months, geese are often heard flying overhead and sometimes actually land on Lake Caroline.  I believe this was one such goose.
In many areas across the country, Canada geese are kind of like in-laws that drop in for a visit unexpectedly.  They have a nice visit and everyone is glad to see them.  Then they decide the weather suits them, the golf course suits them, or the food is good, or they don’t have anything better to do, so they just stay a little longer.  First thing you know, winter comes and goes, spring comes and goes and they are still here.  And to make matters worse, they have invited their friends to come and visit too.  Summer rolls around and it becomes apparent they have no intentions of leaving.  Now what are you to do?
Fortunately, around these parts they haven’t become a nuisance.  We are glad to see them in the fall, and glad to see them heading back north in the spring.
Southbound is one of over two dozen images featured in the upcoming photo exhibit showcasing the wildlife and scenery found at the Red River National Wildlife Refuge in northwest Louisiana.  The exhibit is at Magale Library, Centenary College, Shreveport, Louisiana and runs from June 1st 2012 throughout the summer months during regular library hours.  The exhibit is sponsored by the Friends of Red River National Wildlife Refuge, a non-profit support group for the Refuge.  The public is invited to the exhibit, and is encouraged to visit the Refuge Headquarters Unit across the river near the Jimmie Davis Bridge.  Take Sunflower Road to the rock road entrance and follow the signs to the Refuge Visitor Center.


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