One Frosty Morning

One Frosty MorningOne Frosty Morning in December 2011 this buck sporting a very nice rack emerged from the brush surrounding Lake Caroline at Red River National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters Unit in northwest Louisiana.  The deer cautiously strutted out into an open field coated with heavy frost from the chilly December night air.  About a hundred yards away, I was waiting.  In the course of three minutes, I managed to get a half dozen decent images before the buck slipped past me and disappeared into the thick brush heading south.
There’s no hunting allowed at Headquarters Unit, as the Unit is only 650 acres and is positioned adjacent to the Bossier City limits.  But for the nature photographer, hunting season is 365 days a year with no bag limit.  Deer are abundant on the Refuge, although I often hear folks say they have never seen one.  On the vast majority of photo safaris at Headquarters, I see or hear at least one deer.  Seeing a half dozen does and yearlings together is not unusual.  They are kind of sneaky.  They appear from nowhere and disappear into Chickasaw plum thickets you would think is not possible for any animal to get through.
Typically throughout the year, I’m not specifically looking for deer.  However, between Thanksgiving and New Years, I make a special effort to try and photograph bucks.  If the wind is right, and the weather cooperates, and you get lucky, you might get an opportunity to photograph a nice buck or two.
One Frosty Morning is one of three White-tailed Deer images featured in the upcoming photo exhibit at Magale Library, Centenary College, Shreveport, Louisiana.  The exhibit runs from June 1st and continues throughout the summer months during regular library hours.  All images in the exhibit were taken on the Red River National Wildlife Refuge.  Sponsored by the Friends of Red River National Wildlife Refuge, the exhibit is to promote the Refuge and encourage the public to visit the only National Wildlife Refuge in northwest Louisiana.  The Friends Group is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Refuge.  A brand new multi-million dollar Visitor Center is now open at Headquarters Unit and the public is invited to stop by and spend some time at the Refuge.  Located at the end of Sunflower Road near the Jimmie Davis Bridge on the Bossier City side, follow the signs leading down the rock road to the Visitor Center.


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