Headed for Cover

Spotted fawn White-tailed Deer are always high on the “awwwww”  and “it’s sooooo cuuuuuuute” factor.  This little one was photographed this past Sunday 12Aug12 at the Red River National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters Unit.  In over 5  years of photographing at Headquarters Unit, this is one of the few spotted fawns I’ve seen.  It’s nothing to see several does or even a buck, but the little ones stay hidden in the tall grass and ample thick brush around the lake and river.
I had been to the “duck banding site” across the lake and was just heading back to the main road when I saw the white tail flag go up not 10 yards from me.  I knew it was a deer and figured just a doe.  Then the little one reappeared another 20 yards past and walked right onto the trail.  We stared at each other for just a brief few seconds.  I snapped a few images and then the deer took off, bouncing along through the tall grass heading for a safer hideout in the nearby trees as I continued snapping pix.
This day was considered a successful and rewarding day for nature photography.


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