Duck Out of Water

Duck Out of WaterDucks are supposed to be swimming in the water-right?  Well, not all ducks stay in the water all the time.  We just have a picture in our mind that ducks should be swimming around in a lake somewhere.

The fine specimen here is a male Wood Duck.  He’s standing on a large branch from a pecan tree.  The trees are often used as roosts.  The image was taken at Red River National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters Unit.  Wood Ducks frequent the pecan orchard next to Lake Caroline.  A female was nearby.  In fact, I wasn’t even aware she was there until they flew off together.

Male Wood Ducks in breeding plumage, as in this image, are perhaps the prettiest of all ducks in North America.  Wood Ducks can be found on the Refuge in northwest Louisiana all year round.  Wood Duck boxes have been places around the lake.  The Refuge staff collects data on each box.  A banding program during the summer months has also been very successful.  I’m always on the lookout for banded ducks (and any other birds for that matter).  Occasionally a band is visible, but I have yet to get a good image.  Just a matter of time.


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