Dragon Feast

Dragon FeastWhat do dragonflies eat?  They do eat, but you are more likely to notice a dragonfly either on patrol defending a territory, or resting in the grass or on a branch or the ground, or perhaps mating.  They are cannibals and will eat each other.  As shown in the image here, butterflies are fair game too.
This male Eastern Pondhawk has captured and is consuming alive a sulfur butterfly.  Dragonflies don’t sting or have poison fangs or anything like that.  They capture, secure and start eating.  The wings will be about all that remains of the butterfly.  Dragonflies are in the middle of the food chain.  Just as they will consume other insects, a bird such as heron or egret might come along and have a dragonfly for a snack.
The image was taken 28Apr12 along the chocolate trail at Red River National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters Unit.


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