Aliens Among Us?

Could this be a new species from the jungles of some remote spot in South America?  Sort of looks like a kangaroo.  Maybe a genetic anomaly from the Australian outback.  Definitely resembles a mammal.  Knowing that the image was taken in Louisiana, we can rule out some type of kangaroo.  Not really what bigfoot is supposed to look like either.  How about an alien from another galaxy far far away?  The head (or lack thereof) doesn’t look right for an alien.  Must be something closer to home.
OK. It’s just a doe White-tailed deer bouncing along as it runs away from me.  The image was taken this past weekend at the Red River National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters Unit in northwest Louisiana.  I got one image of the deer in mid-air (which was still pretty neat) and this rather strange image just as the deer’s front feet hit the ground.
Maybe with a little creative photo editing this could turn into an alien?  Hmmmmm….


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